From Celeb-Styled Vaporizers to Vaporizing Hookah Pens

 - Nov 24, 2015
With marijuana gaining legality across North America, less are choosing to smoke cigarettes and the demand for vaporizer pens is growing rapidly. With consumers wanting more than just portable smoking devices, these modern initiatives include such features as smoke-free qualities and wooden design details.

The PAX 2 vape pen is a sleek vaporizer which has gained popularity among millennials. The device has an improved body life and produces no smoke while the Vapium Summit is impervious to all mild weather conditions. These modern products go on to include deceiving vaporizer pens such as the PUFFiT X which looks like the average inhaler and the Smart Vaporizer which mirrors a retro pipe.

Consumers can rest assured that this collection of vape pens also includes a celebrity-styled design like the PAX x The Weeknd vaporizer.