The QuickDraw 300 DLX Boasts Instant Material Recognition

 - Apr 9, 2015
References: vapeworld
The QuickDraw 300 DLX is an extremely portable vaporizer that also boasts instant material recognition. Working with solid concentrates, liquids and aromatic blends, it's shaped like a pen for easy storage and discreetness. Convenient to use, it comes complete with a smart-cartridge system, precision heating and LED indicators.

Of course, the biggest draw of the QuickDraw 300 DLX is the fact that it's sleek and stylish. Available in five different colors, it's made with on-the-go vaping in mind. The triple-action vaporizer, which is priced under $200, comes with a charger, cartridges and cleaning tools. The QuickDraw 300 DLX speaks to a new generation of smokers that take the recreation to a new level. Although vapes are already covert, this one is even more so.