From Wholesome Artisan Edibles to Adventurous Cannabis Branding

 - Nov 3, 2015
With recreational cannabis use now legal in several states, innovative products and services infused and inspired by the plant have begun to creep into the mainstream.

As evidenced in Washington State and Colorado, plenty of consumers are eager and willing to plan travel around said loosening state cannabis legislation. Cannabis-friendly accommodations such as CannaCamp, Durango's weed-centric ranch, and activities such as Denver's Puff Pass and Paint art classes prove there are plenty of businesses already contributing to a burgeoning "pot tourism" culture.

Additionally, forward-thinking recreational cannabis brands such as Washington State's Western Cultured provide beautifully branded options available for purchase at the state's legal boutiques. Speaking to a growing consumer familiarity with complex strains, such packaged options may point to the future of a fast-expanding industry.