Auntie Dolores Proudly Produces Gourmet Cannabis Edible Treats

With charming packaging and a wholesome name that reminds of a family kitchen, Auntie Dolores is rebranding the face of cannabis edible treats.

The brand carries a variety of sweets from pretzels to nuts, brownies and caramel corm, but what distinguishes this gourmet edible company is the way products are presented. The snacks are packaged in small batches that are clearly labeled, giving consumers more assurance about freshness, quality, safety, as well as control over the doses they are likely to consume. With a packaging system to meticulous, Auntie Dolores goes well above and beyond the current requirements for edible treats by California law.

As well as leading the way in educating its customers, the brand is also committed to sustainability, as many of its containers are recyclable or fit for upcycling.