From Healthy Homemade Sushi to Vegetarian-Friendly Falafel Burgers

 - Jul 31, 2016
These recipes with avocado demonstrate the immense popularity of the creamy green fruit. Avocados are reported to have numerous health benefits, including being rich in nutrients (especially Vitamin K and potassium), having lots of fiber and healthy fat content and protecting against eye disease. They are also in season this time of year.

Recipes with avocado can revamp traditional guacamole by adding unexpected ingredients, as seen with pineapple avocado appetizers, mango guacamole recipes and fennel apple guacamoles. Many Mexican mashup meals also exist, from Mexican taco nachos to DIY vegan burrito bowls.

Avocados can also be introduced to a variety of desserts, often adding a creamier texture. Chocolate avocado pies, gluten-free eggnog cakes and minty avocado fudge bars are all examples of this. Surprising avocado inclusions also extend to burger buns, blueberry muffins and breakfast pizzas.