This Unconventional Porridge Recipe is Prepared with Beans and Avocado

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: livestrong & yahoo
At a first glance, this breakfast porridge recipe may appear more like a soup or a bowl of chili that's better suited to lunch or dinner later on in the day. However, this bowl of oatmeal was developed as a savory option that takes inspiration from classic Mexican cuisine.

The Mexican Black Bean and Avocado Oatmeal recipe is prepared with black beans, scallions, pico de gallo and scallions, which makes it a whole lot more interesting than plain oatmeal topped with sweet brown sugar. For flavor, the oats are prepared with a vegetable broth base, which is built upon with herbs and spices like cilantro and cumin. This combination of ingredients makes boosts the benefits of ordinary oatmeal even more, making it especially rich in both protein and fiber. Plus, in addition to being simple, yet hearty, the savory porridge recipe is suitable for vegetarians.