From Bottled Cold Soups to Savory Spanish Soups

 - Feb 11, 2016
It's easy for both consumers and brands to throw together a range of inexpensive ingredients into a sodium-heavy stock to create a soup, but today's health-conscious consumers are looking for a greater level of care from premium soup products. In turn, a concern for health is being reflected in soup packaging that plays up homespun qualities of freshly homemade soup, as well as clean or organic ingredients.

Over the past few years, a rise in health consciousness has caused fresh cold-pressed juices to become extremely popular; from this, there are now many soups that are sold in bottles reminiscent of raw fruit and vegetable drinks. A few great examples of this include ones from brands like Soupologie, Mucho Gazpacho and Tio. As well as taking care to emphasize the purity of the unprocessed, organic and gluten-free ingredients, these bottles offer a convenient way for consumers to enjoy soup on the go.