Celebrate National Almond Day with These Tasty Snacks & Healthy Foods

 - Feb 16, 2016
Celebrate National Almond Day with one of these tasty dishes like a protein-rich breakfast smoothie or a savory bowl of Moroccan almond curry. The recent surge in healthy lifestyles, veganism and vegetarian diets have resulted in an increased amount of almond-infused food products.

There are a variety of new and delectable meals and snacks that can be purchased in grocery stores, at restaurants and in cafes. Alternative dairy products such as almond milk allow lactose-intolerant consumers to enjoy drinks like smoothies and lattes -- while still adhering to dietary restrictions.

This versatile nut can be consumed raw or roasted but it can also be made into milk, butter and powder. Whether it's a breakfast, dinner or a mid-day snack celebrate National Almond Day with one of these healthy meal ideas.