Kite Hill's Vegan Pasta is Stuffed with Almond Milk Ricotta

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: kite-hill
From meatballs to meat sauces, it's fair to say that the traditional Italian pasta products outweigh vegan pasta options at the supermarket. However, Kite Hill is evening out the playing field with innovations like its Spinach or Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli.

Since ricotta cheese typically comes from an animal source, Kite Hill created its own vegan-friendly ricotta from a base of almond milk. This creamy whipped ricotta is combined with ingredients like garlic and vegetables before being stuffed into the pasta squares. From the outside, the look of the pasta could pass as a traditional ravioli.

On a larger scale, inventive products like these demonstrate a few of the ways brands are reintroducing beloved products like milk, eggnog, jerky as options that will be compatible with a cruelty-free and vegan diet.