From Luscious Avocado Spreads to Small-Batch Beet Marmalades

 - Aug 12, 2016
While sweet spreads may be a popular condiment choice for many consumers, savory toast toppers are in high demand among foodies with more adventurous taste buds. From vegan butter alternatives to bacon-flavored schmear, these exotic condiments give consumers a new way to dress up an ordinary slice of bread.

One of the biggest innovations when it comes to savory spread is the rise of allergen-free options. For instance, those who cannot consume dairy can now enjoy egg-free mayonnaise and vegan butters made from organic cashews and coconut oil.

Beyond catering to consumers who adhere to restrictive diets, brands are also attempting to capitalize on changing taste preferences. This means making savory toast toppers in exotic flavors that draw on various element of international cuisine. Some examples of these flavorful spreads include garlic herb hummus, chipotle-flavored mayo and red pepper relish.