Sir Kensington's Vegan Mayonnaise is Made with Aquafaba

Hampton Creek and Hellmann's are just a few of the brands that are making eggless vegan mayonnaise alternatives in response to a rise in plant-based eating. One of the newest additions to this product category is Sir Kensington's 'Fabanaise,' which is made with an unusual ingredient called "aquafaba."

Aquafaba is the name of the water in which legumes like chickpeas have been cooked. Its consistency and properties make it a perfect replacement for egg whites in just about any recipe. As such, this "chickpea brine" is now the star ingredient in Sir Kensington's first vegan mayonnaise, which is sourced from local hummus producers who typically don't have any use for it otherwise.

The all-new Fabanaise is set to appear in specialty stores as early as May in both classic and chipotle flavors.