This BuQa Sesame Paste is Like Asia's Own Version of Black Tahini

This Sesame Paste from FuFann Enterprise Co.'s 'BuQa' brand offers a flavorful way to enhance baked dishes. The company recommends spreading the paste over toast and baking it in the oven at a low temperature for a few minutes to improve the flavor of both the bread and the unusual black paste.

Like a classic tahini recipe, this Asian paste is made from just five simple ingredients: black sesame seeds, sugar, canola and palm oil, plus soybean lecithin. While sugar is added, this spread is only slightly sweet, thanks to its own natural flavors. The product is also an extremely rich source of calcium.

In addition to its Sesame Paste, FuFann also makes chocolate, coconut and custard pastes. It also remarks that it is "one of the few manufacturers of Black Sesame Paste in Asia."