These Snacks and Health-Enhancers All Suit Vegetarian Lifestyles

 - Dec 24, 2016
There are now many food options for people with dietary restrictions and these gifts for vegetarians were designed to enhance the health and provide energy for people who cannot eat meat, or for those who actively choose not to.

'Primal Joint Support' is a supplement that contains several herbs, minerals and vitamins that work to support the joint health of those who consume it. The supplements are vegetarian, do not contain gelatin and free of gluten, wheat and dairy

The 'Taste #5 Umami Paste' is a Japanese sauce that was designed to enhance the flavor of various dishes. It is based in miso and contains shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, matcha green tea, yuzu and ginger. All of these flavors come together to form a dynamic flavored sauce that is completely vegetarian.