Vegetarian Plus' Vegan Ham Roll is a Satisfying Seasonal Option

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: vegetarian-plus
Vegetarian Plus makes a wide variety of meatless food products, including everything from imitation chicken drumsticks to mock black pepper stakes, as well as seasonal favorites like vegan ham.

In terms of looks, the brand's Vegan Ham Roll is a convincing alternative to the real product. The product gets its form from a variety of interesting plant-based ingredients, including red fermented rice, tapioca starch, raw cane sugar and soybean fiber. The flavorful product comes in a box that's meant to be kept frozen until it's ready to prepare with the included apricot plum glaze.

The rise of plant-based eating has inspired the creation of two main types of food items: ones that celebrate fruits and vegetables in new ways or ultra-realistic meat alternatives that are cruelty-free.