From Sprouted Tofu Blocks to Hemp Snack Bars

 - Mar 8, 2017
The ongoing popularity of protein-rich foods and the rise of meat-free diets have ultimately converged in the form of a new food category: plant-based protein snacks. While some of these snacks are made from familiar vegetarian protein sources such as tofu, others use superfoods such as quinoa and hemp to provide that extra nutritional boost.

For those who are looking for a familiar protein boost in a more convenient snack form, a number of companies have begun offering meat-free versions of already popular dishes. For instance, Beyond Meat has introduced a line of snack-sized sliders that are made from pea protein. Similarly, Sweet Earth's new Protein Lover's wrap turns a classic burrito into a high-protein snack for vegetarians.

However, not all plant-based protein snacks try to mimic the taste of meaty foods such as burgers and burritos. Indeed, many nutrient-rich snacks now rely on superfoods such as quinoa, hemp and lentils to create entirely new food products. Some of these innovative, protein-rich snacks include Slim Secrets' Fit Balls, Soul Sprout's Almond Butter Power Bites and Enjoy Life Foods' Plentils chips.