Slim Secrets' Snack Ball Products Offer Small Tastes of Indulgence

 - Jan 22, 2016
In order to remove the guilt that often comes with eating a flavorful snack, Slim Secrets offers two types of snack ball products that are high in fiber, protein and low in carbs.

The 'Slim Secrets Fit Balls' come in two types, including Choc Mint Chip and Butterscotch Bliss flavors. Each of these varieties is prepared with nourishing plant-based ingredients, such as soy protein, chia seeds and stevia as a sweetener.

The snack ball products were developed in order to offer consumers a versatile way to snack in between meals. These dense Fit Balls are small, yet filling enough to curb cravings and leave consumers feeling full for longer. While the snack balls are branded as healthy gym snacks, the balls themselves have an indulgent dessert-like appearance.