From Compact Chia Sport Bars to Chocolate-Covered Hemp Seeds

 - Jun 6, 2016
In recent years, seed-based snacks have become a popular option for consumers who are looking for an easy way to give their diet a nutritional boost. Packed with healthy fats, protein and fiber, these tiny superfoods are the perfect complement to both sweet and savory snacks.

Some of the most popular seed-based snacks are those that combine nutrient-dense seeds with familiar ingredients. This includes everything from granola bars made with hemp seeds to pudding cups layered with chia seeds. The process of adding seeds to popular snack foods not only makes the products healthier, but it also makes superfoods more approachable for consumers who may not have tried them before.

Beyond granola bars and trail mix, there are also a number of a hunger-curbing beverages that are made with seeds. For instance, there are sweet juices that use basil seeds to keep consumers feeling full and meal-replacement shakes that use chia seeds to achieve a thick and creamy texture. These types of seed-based snacks are ideal for consumers because they satisfy both hunger and thirst at the same time.