JillyV's Jumpstarters Combine Oats, Yogurt and Chia Seeds with Fruit

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: jillyvs & berryondairy.blogspot
Chia seeds, fruit, oats and yogurt are often eaten as standalone breakfast items, but JillyV's Jumpstarters combine them into portable breakfast pudding tubs for easy eating. In order to show off the ingredients that make up the product, the Jumpstarters are packaged in clear containers. In the Raspberry, Lemon, Berries and Strawberry flavors, alternating layers of pudding and low-sugar fruit compote can be seen.

On their own, these Jumpstarters are packed with protein, fiber, , iron, calcium and vitamins. In order to make these on-the-go breakfast packs even more nutritious, JillyV's also sells separate JumpPacks, which are simply plastic bags filled with an assortment of nuts and other healthy ingredients to enhance these breakfast puddings.

While most products of this style make a point to include nuts or toppings that can be added in, this system gives consumers more control when it comes to customization.