- Jul 6, 2016
These convenient snacking innovations range from appetizer-sized pizzas to grass-fed jerky bites that are infused with exotic flavors like watermelon, coffee and spiced banana. Despite of its past negative connotations, beef jerky has since transformed into an artisanal snack that caters to varying tastes -- from protein-backed bison meat sticks that will warm the hearts of serious carnivores to plant-based coconut jerky snacks that are a sustainable alternative to meat-based options.

When looking at iconic snacks like potato chips and cookies, sugary and sodium-filled indulgences are being replaced by more health-conscious options. These include nutritionally complete cookies that are protein-filled along with a myriad of vegetable chip varieties and crunchy bites that are made from greens like lettuce, spinach and kale.

Additionally, examples of drinkable nourishment round off this convenient snacking cluster, appealing to active consumers who seek nutrition while on the go.

From Protein-Packed Muffins to Appetizer-Sized Pizzas: