This Cookie Biscuit Flavor Comes in 'Salt Watermelon Chocolate Chip'

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24
There are plenty of unconventional cookie biscuit flavors on the market, especially with the rise of foodie culture. Now, Japanese snack manufacturer Ito Biscuits is introducing an all-new Salt Watermelon Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor.

These watermelon-flavored cookies are made with dough that contains real watermelon fruit, which provides the authentic taste and color. In order to emphasize the inclusion of melon as an ingredient, chocolate chip pieces are used to emulate the dark seeds that can ordinarily be found inside the shell of the melon. Salt is added to the cookies in order to amplify both the chocolate and watermelon flavors in the cookie.

Japanese customers remain captivated with watermelon flavors, textures and forms, particularly in baked goods such as bagels and cakes.