From Cake-Flavored Candy Bars to Chocolate Curry Dishes

 - Feb 1, 2017
From candy bars that taste like a slice of delicious red velvet cake to curry that has been given a chocolate makeover, these tasty Valentine's Day treats are sure to surprise that special someone.

For those who prefer to stick to classic flavors, but still enjoy the element of surprise, a number of traditional treats have received a romantic upgrade for the Valentine's Day season. For instance, M&M's now come in a creamy cheesecake flavor that is perfect for anyone who enjoys the colorful little candies. Similarly, Nabisco has debuted limited-edition Chocolate Strawberry Oreos for a decadent twist on its beloved sandwich cookies.

Of course, chocolates and candies can be a bit predictable, which is why a number of brands have designed some more unusual Valentine's Day dishes. Some of these unexpectedly tasty Valentine's Day treats include Village Vanguard's Chocolate Curry, Papa Murphy's HeartBaker pizza and Doritos' Ketchup Roses.