These Fresh Fruit Treats are Coated in Matcha Tea and Chocolate

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: mag.japaaan & en.rocketnews24
This fresh fruit treat hailing from Japan creatively coats fresh strawberries in a chocolate truffle coating rolled in green matcha tea. The unusual combination of the caffeinated superfood with the fresh fruit creates a tantalizing departure from the conventional chocolate-covered strawberries popular during Valentine's Day.

Matcha is often seen used in beverages such as teas or lattes; popularized for its natural caffeine and superfood properties. In this dessert -- known in Japan as Ochame -- the fruit is rolled in white chocolate and then dipped in the matcha powder. The literal translation of Ochame means "tea strawberries" which perfectly captures what this dessert entails as it turns the green powder into an edible. The flavor offers a tartness from the fruit coupled with the bitterness of the matcha that is evened out by the sweetness of the chocolate.