From Online Gaming Workout Bikes to Adult Ball Pit Bars

 - Jan 28, 2017
Of all the 2016 lifestyle trends, the common thread seems to be a desire to get as active as possible. Even in the case of lifestyle interests that don't ostensibly have any connection to physical activity, brands have tapped into the growing urge for fitness in a variety of different demographics.

Of course, areas of interest like camping and sports have always been about fitness. Nonetheless, these lifestyle activities have continued to see impressive popularity and unique twists on standard styles and trends. An activity like archery has been amplified to include ax throwing at 'Bad Axe Throwing' or knife throwing at the 'Toronto Knife Throwing Organization,' and the Airstream Basecamp is a modern take on the classic camping trailer design.

Fitness has leaked into unconventional areas as well. For instance, Zwift is a stationary bicycle that connects to a video game interface, and Nike's 'Unlimited You' is a club that offers a workout.

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