'Easy' Takes the Embarrassment Out of Menstrual Hygiene Products

 - Oct 29, 2016
References: easyperiod & marketingmag
'Easy' is the name of a new organic delivery subscription service that's aiming to set itself apart by taking the shame out of menstrual hygiene products and the discomfort that often surrounds a woman's natural body functions.

'No Shame' is the name of Easy's newest campaign, which features posters that help to reveal what's often hidden behind closed doors. For instance, one poster features a woman going skinny dipping with a visible tampon string, while another shows a couple changing a set of period-stained sheets.

All too often, a woman's own discomfort regarding menstruation is often based purely on societal pressures. Alyssa Bertram, the CEO and founder of Easy remarks: "We wanted to do something that made people talk about periods because it’s something that is still looked at as taboo or shameful, which is a bit ridiculous in this day and age."