From Affordable Fitness Trackers to Smart Meditative Headbands

 - Jan 28, 2017
To get a better idea of how brands are incorporating health-monitoring technology and more into their products, check out our 2017 Trend Reports, which go beyond what's contained in these 2016 health trends.

For those who find themselves stuck behind a desk for the majority of the week, products like the Hovr can help to increase their activity levels. Not only does it combat the negative effects of staying seated for hours on end, but it offers workers more freedom of movement, which can in turn lead to more productivity.

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is perfect for consumers looking to improve their physique, with the smart mirror functioning as an all-round body scanner. As it's known that fitness is about much more than the number one sees on a scale, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker offers comprehensive feedback -- giving users frequent updates through the connected app.

Also featured in these 2016 health trends are convenient superfood purees, meditation-focused office spaces, muscle-loosening spheres and at-home gardening kits.