Poppits' Eco-Friendly Soft Gel Pods Do Away with Plastic Tubes

 - May 24, 2016
References: kickstarter
As an alternative to traditional packages of toothpaste tube that may be difficult to recycle and squeeze the last remnants out of, Poppits developed a new toothpaste packaging system.

Poppits' toothpaste is packaged in eco-friendly soft gel pods, which can be taken right into the mouth for brushing. These new mess-free toothpaste pods are made of a plant-derived cellulose film that melts in the mouth. This biodegradable packaging disappears much faster than traditional toothpaste tubes, which may take a few hundred years before decomposing.

On Kickstarter, Poppits is introducing its revolutionary new products in two types: Whitening Poppits for adults, as well as the child-friendly Kids Poppits. In the future, there are plans for additional flavors and formulas to be added.

As well as being useful for delivering toothpaste, this system could be ideal for delivering a range of comparable oral care products.