From Millennial Banking Apps to Play-Inspiring Moving Boxes

 - Jan 28, 2017
If there's one thing that the 2016 life stage trends show beyond a doubt, it's that the children are the future. Toys, food, clothes, and other prodcuts geared towards children are by far the most represented (as compared to products designed specifically for any other demographic.) As presentations at our innovation conference show, though, every demographic has its own products and interests.

Of all the 2016 life stage trends for children, a few areas are most common. Toys, of course, are always popular with kids, and many new and inventive toys popped up in 2016. Fortunately, many toy makers focused on combining education with fun; the Airblocks drone kit lets kids build a drone to their own specifications, and Osmo's 'Pizza Co.' game teaches about financial responsibility.

Other demographics were still represented in the 2016 life stage trends. The Neat app is a financial tool designed for Millennials, and White Hot Hair is a hair coloring product that embraces graying.