This Washi Tape Design is Like a Coloring Book in Adhesive Roll Form

Since the Washi tape phenomenon began, people with a love of aesthetics have favored these colorfully patterned designs over plain rolls of transparent tape that are purely utilitarian.

This patterned design is slightly less colorful than most Washi tape designs out there, but only because it's designed as a black-and-white roll that can be colored in. The Coloring Washi Tape provides creative individuals with a fun way to personalize wrapped parcels or even elements of the home environment. This inventive Washi tape design comes in an assortment of patterns that can be colored in, including flowers, carnival motifs and more.

From wall-covering murals to mats and suitcases, customizable color-in books are now being reinvented in unique forms like this Washi tape example that appeal to both kids and adults alike.