Jack N' Jill Makes a Baby Wipe Specifically for Gums and Teeth

 - May 19, 2016
References: jackandjillkids
Baby wipes have been a staple of parents' infant care bags for years, but Jack N' Jill makes a wipes of a different kind for young infants. Rather than making wipes that are suited to cleansing an infant's face or body, these ones are specifically designed for oral care.

As a producer of a range of natural toothpaste products for kids, the Baby & Gum Tooth Wipes is a new offering from Jack N' Jill. These all-natural cotton wipes are individually wrapped and do not contain any fluoride, sugar, parabens or flavoring.

In addition to being ideal for wiping a baby's gums, teeth, tongue and cheeks, these wipes are also handy for removing bacteria from soothers and other objects that frequently come into contact with an infant's mouth.