From Volumizing Grooming Kits to Sustainable Solid Shampoos

 - Jul 12, 2017
These male hair care innovations range from volumizing grooming kits to sustainable solid shampoos that gently cleanse tresses, while leaving hair shinier and stronger after use. When it comes to niche hair care products, style-enhancing texture serums, hair-thickening oils, and even specialized hair supplements are all examples designed to help men achieve fuller and youthful locks. While R+Co's texture-adding shampoo is a naturally sourced product with hydrating cactus botanicals, Ouai's specially formulated hair vitamins help make thin strands of hair appear fuller.

When it comes to physical retail spaces, and grooming salons, notable examples include Brooklyn, New York's Blind Barber which is located inside a quirky, and vintage-inspired space. Another favorite, Dublin's Lynx 'Find Your Magic Shop,' is a brand activation that offered premium treatments at an affordable rate while letting visitors experience a fusion of technology and grooming.