Recycled Bottle Chairs Create Fantasy From Ethical Manufacturing

 - Mar 26, 2016
References: kimmarkel & design-milk
The beauty in these recycled bottle chairs is twofold: it is in their environmentally responsible production, as well as in their utterly delightful aesthetic appearance.

Designer Kim Markel has spent a great deal of time experimenting with different repurposed materials that would melt down into marvelously whimsical forms and colors. A unique recipe of plastic bottles, cafeteria trays and eyeglasses all heats, mixes and molds into the endearing pieces of 'Glow' furniture that you see before you. In addition to the Glow Chairs, the designer makes tables, vases and mirrors, creating a complete collection that's lovely and soft on the eyes.

What we can learn from this pretty pastel-hued line of objects is that there is great appeal and no guilt in manufacturing from recycled items. With the amount of waste that the world's society creates, more designers need to be sourcing their materials this way.