From Nudist Art Fair Tours to Textile Butcher Concept Shops

 - Apr 24, 2016
The top April 2016 modern ideas showcase various patterns in the worlds of art and design as they relate to consumer spending habits.

Australian artist Stuart Ringholt will be once again bringing a nudist experience to the annual Art Cologne 2016 festivities. The daring artist will be leading nude tours of the art fair that will require participants to strip down as well. The unique experience is open to adults only and will be available throughout this year's modern art fair.

Meanwhile, Aufschnitt Berlin is a clever butcher shop concept that features a selection of plush toys handmade to appear like real cuts of meat. Set up like a real butcher shop, the entire experience is brought to life by the jarring contrast between soft stuffed toys and the cold sterility of a traditional meat shop.