The 'Balamp' Bedside Table Lamp Responds to the Items Placed on it

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: concepticondesign & homecrux
Although the 'Balamp' Bedside Table Lamp might look like a strange accessory to keep in one's bedroom, the functional device is actually quite capable of a variety of functions.

Designed by Italy-based Andrea Cingoli, the 'Balamp' is capable of inductive charging and features a subtle illumination method that keeps it rather discreet in the bedroom.

The 'Balamp' is totally controllable via the accompanying app and can also be used as an alarm clock. The LED strip within the unit enable the color of the lights to be changed according to mood or preference.

The 'Balamp' Bedside Table Lamp also projects the time onto the surface it's placed on to ensure that the time is discreetly displayed rather than being shined in a person's face.