- Dec 4, 2016
It may be difficult coming up with gift ideas for toddlers but thinking about their individual needs and desires, or those of their parents, is the first step in finding a great gift for them. Whether it is something they can play with or something that can enhance their quality of life that their parents will be grateful for, there are many gift options for toddlers.

The Ommo Kids Crayons are designed specifically for toddlers and their limited drawing abilities. The crayons are large in size, feature images of fruits and vegetables, and are perfectly suited for the chaotic coloring skills of children.

The 'Suzy Snooze' is a sleep monitor designed specifically for parents to track their children's sleep. The product allows parents to discover their child's sleeping patterns and also gives off a soothing glow and sound waves to help toddlers fall asleep.

From Extra Large Crayons to Soothing Sleep Monitors: