The Qua Humidifying Light Improves the Illumination and Air of the Atmosphere

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
With the Qua Humidifying Light, you get a gadget that fulfills two helpful roles in a child's bedroom. What's especially appealing about this concept product is that the second supplementary purpose is achieved in a much more delicate way than what you might be used to.

This nightlight works as a humidifier, increasing the moisture in the bedroom to alleviate all sorts of respiratory and dermatological complaints. This function is made possible by its hollow egg-shaped design that comprises a glass vessel that you keep full of water. This fluid bubbles and ripples on command so that Somi Choi's Qua Humidifying Light emits a delicate, natural, calming and intriguing pattern of waving glimmers and shadows on the walls.