- Feb 27, 2015
These air purifier products range from wearable nasal filters to home humidifiers that double as eco-friendly lighting fixtures. When purchasing an air purifier for your home, the possibilities in today's market are endless.

In addition to traditional dehumidifiers that clean common household toxins like dust and bacteria, nebulizers and other aromatherapy devices are not only cleansing your air but are also infusing it with refreshing and herbal scents. These air purifier products include water and plant-equipped models along with systems that are powered by the movement of one's household pet.

Other standouts from this list include pop culture themed humidifiers that make a great novelty gift along with miniature and USB connected purifiers that ensure you're around clean air when at the office or in the classroom.

From Scented Nasal Filters to Energy-Conscious Air Humidifiers: