The Electrolux Lotus Blossoms with Atmosphere-Improving Features

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: & tuvie
Fresh air is associated with oxygen-emitting plants, which is how the shape of the Electrolux Lotus was inspired. This air purifier takes the form of an enormous flower, cradling its most magical components between its three petals.

Fulden Dehneli's concept for Electrolux is an elegant appliance that is best positioned in the heart of the home. The device would be capable of generally cleaning and freshening the stale and stagnant gases within the home, while offering a bit of extra flexibility and function. Three Lotus Portable Air Balls each specialize in a different task: regulating humidity, eliminating odors and filtering toxins. These are kept in the central unit to charge, but they can be carried individually to any room to accomplish the desired duty.