From Air-Purifying Apps to Portable Pollution Sensors

 - Jul 14, 2016
With a growing number of consumers living in urban areas with high levels of pollution, there is a rising demand for household purification products. With advanced features and decorative designs, these indoor air purifiers are fit for modern-day households.

When it comes to household purification products, consumers are looking for devices that do more than just keep the air clean. Indeed, the popularity of smart home devices means that many consumers are looking for products that can make their home a safer and healthier place to live. Some of the advanced features available on modern purifiers include smartphone-compatible controls, data-tracking capabilities and recommendations for behavioral changes.

Beyond smart features, consumers are also looking for purifiers that are a good fit for small urban spaces. For instance, there are energy-efficient purifiers that provide better air quality without harming the planet. There are also child-friendly air purifiers that will help children breathe easier without disrupting their sleep patterns.