The Compact Zephyros Air Conditioner Rotates for 360-Degree Freshness

 - Mar 31, 2015
References: yankodesign
With a silhouette like a Russian Doll and a resemblance to a bowling pin, this pivot air purification device assumes a familiar form and fulfils a practical task by atypical means. While most of these sorts of tiny air conditioning units are stationary, this one has been designed with a revolving head that disperses its freshened oxygen.

The curvaceous shape of Byung Wook Kang's concept Zephyros has a bulbous base and a smooth head, separated by a subtle seam. Inside, a HEPA filter and an efficient fan work together to project a clean breeze about the room.

The futuristic look of the pivot air filtration system extends beyond its appearance too. A built-in motion sensor ensures that most of the Zephyros' time is spent directed at the people within the space.