From Waterless Shampoo to Natural Litter Box Sprays

 - Oct 9, 2017
The joys of pet ownership can sometimes be interrupted by the various odors that one's furry friend bring into the home -- prompting companies to create pet odor removal products that keep both animals and owners happy.

House of Cat's Litter Spray serves as an example of this, offering the owner a chemical-free alternative that relives the home from the unsavory smell of a cat's litter box without harming or disturbing the feline. Mr.PAW retails beautifully designed grooming products for the sophisticated dog owner that focus on keeping one's four-legged friend smelling fresh. If a dog is in desperate need of a bath, popular floor care brand Bissell developed a dog-specific dryer that infuses the dog's coat with a cleaning solution while it dries, eliminating the need for a stressful, messy and time-consuming bath.

These pet odor removal products enable homeowners to live in harmony with their pets by using natural, chemical-free alternatives and at-home grooming solutions for those pets with smelly coats.