Top Paw's Lemon Verbena Bergamont Wipes Cleanse and Scent a Pet's Coat

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: petsmart
The 'Lemon Verbena Bergamont Deodorizing Dog Wipes' from Top Paw offer a unique way to quickly refresh a pet's coat, without the need to give them a bath.

Just like the kind of wipes that people are used to using for kids and babies, the ultra-deodorizing wipes are pre-moistened for effortless wiping. The odor-neutralizing wipes are said to use an "exclusive odor neutralizing ingredient that encapsulates and eliminates odors at the molecular level."

As well as providing specific help with controlling pet odors, the product is also useful for the control of shedding, which reduces allergens in the home and simplifies the job of cleaning up after a pet that is constantly leaving behind fur.