From Kitty Fitness Trackers to Whimsical Cat Caves

 - Dec 23, 2017
To dog lovers, cats don't really make any sense, but cat lovers know that dog lovers are essentially stupid, and so friends of felines will go on reading about these presents for cat lovers unfazed. It's true that cats don't offer the same unbridled affection and enthusiasm that dogs offer on a constant basis, but is that worse? In the old thought experiment, dogs represent getting plugged into the happiness machine, whereas cats are cold, hard, beautiful reality.

Cute kitty presents fall into two buckets. On the one hand, there are gifts for the cats themselves: things like fun and comfortable cat houses and cat beds, for example. On the other, there are gifts that are really all about the cat owner. These include watches covered in felt made from cat hair, and countless cat-shaped accessories, from Christmas tree ornaments to soy sauce dishes.