Etsy Shop 'Girl and Her Cat' Combines Accessorized Cats with Mermaids

 - May 27, 2017
References: etsy & mashable
'Girl and Her Cat,' an Etsy shop that got started in 2015 and is based out of Missouri, updated its offerings with a vast range of necklaces that feature unique heavy duty pendants.

Combining some of the world's most beloved creatures into one, Girl and Her Cat offers pendants that are half cat, half mermaid. On some of the pendants, small unicorn horns or flower crowns are featured as well, making for an adorable result that's as mystical as it gets. As the so-called "Purrmaids" are entirely customizable, the accessories, colors, and more that decorate the pendants can be adapted to suit each individual's specific tastes.

Due to a recent surge in popularity, Girl and Her Cat will be spreading out orders a little more to catch up with those already lined up, however those interested in getting a customized pendant can still place orders in advance.