From Customizable Room Dividers to Homemade Hot Sauce Kits

 - Jan 27, 2018
These 2017 DIY trends range from homemade hot sauce kits to customizable room dividers. When looking at the year's most notable DIY home decor, standouts include 'Patchwork,' a modern room partition system that can be personalized to meet a user's privacy requirements. For example, users are able to customize the room dividers to not only block out certain parts of a space but can also integrate artwork or shelving into their Patchwork system.

When examining the year's top DIY food and beverage trends, notable examples include watermelon popsicle recipes and at-home Kombucha kits which promote a healthy diet while satisfying budget restrictions. Additionally, examples like Dinara Kasko's 3D-printed pastry mold help bakers create inspiring and sculptural desserts that mimic those offered at Michelin-starred eateries.

Other 2017 DIY trends to note include patch-accented backpack tutorials and versatile lipgloss kits. While Honestly WTF's backpack tutorial helps consumers recreate an of-the-moment accessory for a fraction of the price, Mixify Polish offers a lip color kit with various pigments used to create a consumer's ideal shade.

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