This Nixie Tube Watch Has a 400mAH Battery and an Accelerometer

 - Jan 26, 2017
References: blog.adafruit & geeky-gadgets
This DIY watch is created with the use of Nixie Tubes that take the place of a traditional analog or digital watch face in order to display the time in a modern yet retro way.

The watch features a powerful 400mAH LiPo battery pack that provides up to 200 volts of power, while a built-in accelerometer enables the watch to respond to movement. This means that a flick of the wrist when going to check the time will start the timepiece Nixie Tube display to show the wearer the time.

The DIY watch is the design work of maker prototype_mechanic and features a casing that has been machine-etched out of a solid piece of aluminum. The watch has a quartz glass crystal and is outfitted with a pair of IN-16 Nixie Tubes.