From Recipe-Regulating Blenders to Smart Home Light Switches

 - Feb 25, 2017
From blenders that boast wireless connectivity to smoke alarms that can be controlled via smartphones, the February 2017 gadget trends reveal major breakthroughs when it comes to smart home devices. These products not only help consumers simplify their daily routine, but they can also help to keep consumers safe from common household hazards.

When it comes to smart appliances, many of the latest innovations have come in the form of intelligent kitchen products. For instance, the Griffin Connected Toaster uses smartphone connectivity to gives users precise control over how their bread is toasted. Similarly, the Stagg EKG Kettle is connected to an app called Brewbar, which provides instructions for making the perfect cup of coffee or tea. There is even an intelligent refrigerator camera called the FridgeCam that relies on image processing technology to detect expiry dates.

While many of these smart kitchen devices are meant to make consumers' lives easier, several of the February 2017 gadget trends are also meant to improve household safety. For instance, the new Inirv React device features a built-in alarm to signal when a hazard is detected, thereby preventing kitchen fires.