The Cerevo Taclim Shoes at CES 2017 Let Users Move Their Feet in VR

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: taclim.cerevo & mashable
CES 2017 is portending more immersion on the horizons of the world of VR, and the Cerevo Taclim gadgets are part and parcel of that forecast. The Cerevo Taclim is a pair of sandal-like gadgets that are worn on users' feet, allowing them to use their feet in VR.

Though many companies have focused on the best ways to work users' hands into VR experiences, the feet are equally important. After all, a VR experience can only be so entertaining if it is completely static. The Cerevo Taclim shoes offer a way for users to move through their VR worlds and see that movement, too.

Beyond the ability to see one's feet, the Cerevo Taclim devices are embedded with tactile sensors that can provide impressively accurate haptic feedback. They are precise enough to be able to differentiate between the feeling of walking through sand versus on grass, for example.