- Jan 27, 2018
Though the 2017 game ideas here are certainly impressive, it's worth noting that there are some misconceptions about the gaming industry. Despite recent investments from traditional pro sports organizations in esports leagues, esports isn't nearly as big an industry as any of the traditional sport leagues.

Many like to bandy about the stat that the League of Legends finals had more online viewers than the Super Bowl, but according to several independent studies, the total viewership for the NFL (or for any other professional sports league) is currently far higher than the total viewership for esports — and that doesn't take into account other factors like sponsorships and promotions. The misconception is that while esports do indeed pull in viewers for big events, they don't come close to competing with the regular season consistency of traditional sports.

All this isn't meant to be damning against esports. In fact, it's just the opposite. That esports have even gotten to the point where it can be considered a serious competitor against traditional sports show the massive potential of the extremely young pastime. MLB has been around for well over 100 years; esports have been around for about 15 (and even that number is pushing it). The degree of precision and thought behind the 2017 game ideas reflects that absurdly quick development.

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