The Pop n’ Lock Dance Machine Blends Stop Animation and GIFs

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: catshrine
The Pop n’ Lock Dance Machine is like a dance version of karaoke, where technology meets choreography in an interactive experience for all ages. With the machine, dancers are able to "GIF themselves" with a series of still photographs strung together and set to music that creates a similar effect to professionals popping and locking on the dance floor. The choreography is pre-set, and all a person needs to do is strike each pose and then instantly see the end result; choose from a variety of different dances, and do it solo or with friends.

This unique and fully customizable interactive installation was created by multimedia artists, Christopher Felske and Irene Angelopoulos. It requires a backdrop with projection, a camera, a computer with at least one operator and a monitor to show off the finished product.