From Simplistic Silhouette Art to Facial Projection-Mapping Systems

 - Apr 30, 2017
So long as it expresses something true, there are no limits to art, and the April 2017 art trends show that truly impressive and beautiful pieces can come in a variety of different shapes and styles. For some, art is an atavistic practice as simple as using paint and a canvas, or even no paint at all. For others, art is a Koonsian endeavor to stun and amaze with creative uses of cutting edge technology. Neither is right nor wrong, and the April 2017 art trends show that both yield exceptional results.

On the more Luddite side of the continuum, Dutch illustrator Flavio Salsano has created a whimsical series of drawings using scant sketches that are supplemented by shadows that he casts on top of them. In terms of complexity, Nobumichi Asai and Japanese dance duo AyaBambi released a video that uses unprecedented face-mapping projectors to shine haunting images on the women's faces as they move.